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"I know I should reach out to immigrants, but how?"

In my experience, most American Christians think that helping immigrants is a good idea in theory, but few actually get involved in the ministry of welcome because they feel afraid, concerned, or overwhelmed by busyness.

Loving the Stranger addresses these fears in an understanding way, answers these concerns in a way that will resonate regardless of people's political convictions, and lays out simple ways to begin welcoming immigrants in the midst of our busy lives by simply welcoming them into our lives.

This book is for you if you've ever had a desire to reach out across the cultural divide but weren't sure how to get started.

Click here to check out Loving the Stranger: Welcoming Immigrants in the Name of Jesus on Amazon.

Do you know someone who might enjoy or be helped by this book? Would you let them know about it by sending them this link? I'd love your help in spreading the word!

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