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Crosscultural interaction can be confusing. Let me help.

Are you engaged in crosscultural friendship and/or ministry and sometimes find yourself wishing for a translator--not for language, per se, but for culture? 

I get it. And I am here for you as you work towards intercultural harmony.

You could say I eat, sleep, and breathe intercultural communication. I'm married crossculturally (to a wonderful Ethiopian man) and for the past ten years, the majority of  my interactions on a given day are with people who are not from my own culture.


I love cultural dynamics so much that I got my Master's degree in Intercultural Studies  in 2013 and have since worked as an intercultural studies professor in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as well as serving as a trainer for short-term mission teams and those involved in welcoming ministry in the USA.


I'm a freelance writer on refugee and immigrant issues through the lens of evangelical church engagement, so I'm well-acquainted with best practices and common pitfalls for Americans engaged in crosscultural partnership in the States, and my experience overseas has educated me in the joys and struggles of global mission partnership between two or more cultures.


Whatever you're struggling with, I would love to be a resource for you. If I don't have answers, I know people who do.


Let me come alongside you as you engage in the good, hard work of crossing cultures locally and globally.

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